Jefferson has been the principal or co-founder of more than a dozen organizations and initiatives, most of which continue to live, thrive, and evolve.


Co Founded by Jefferson, launched as a clinical research software startup with a vision – increase the performance of clinical trials by improving the human experience. Within two years, demonstrated a proof of concept, earned a multi-million-dollar acquisition, and yielded fantastic outcomes for stakeholders, employees, and investors.

The Bus Project

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Jefferson grew concerned that too few of his classmates – and too few of the most talented of his generation – demonstrated any interest in public and nonprofit service. Around that same time, Jefferson returned to Oregon and noticed that his home state was stuck in the politics of a bygone century. In response, Jefferson and a few friends founded the Oregon Bus Project, an organization focused on engaging a new generation in democracy. Energized to “Get on the Bus,” hundreds of engaged Oregonians drove around the state, registering tens of thousands voters, and inspiring countless new leaders. “The Bus Project” created a model that spread across the country, spawning a network of organizations that have transformed voting laws in multiple states.

Small Business Champion

As a State Representative, the Oregon Microbusiness Network awarded Jefferson the 2011 Small Business Champion for his work passing legislation that focused on cultivating the top job creators in his state known as “Stage Two” businesses. The legislation promoted an “Economic Gardening” model whereby local communities directed resources toward those business with 10- 100 employees in an effort to cultivate homegrown talent and companies. At Jefferson’s direction, the bill passed with a supermajority in both of Oregon’s houses. Drawing on his years as a State Representative and his experience as a serial, start-up entrepreneur, Jeff continues to foster new leaders and coach early-stage enterprises.

Grassroots Radio

In the 2000’s, media consolidation led to the loss of local radio stations around the country. This decline hurt local democracy and diverse voices. Starting with only 8 watts, Jefferson and a group of community members launched a new kind of local, terrestrial-based radio station. They built an online platform that hosted more than 200 local programs and was named “Best of Portland” five times. Activated with that success, Jeff then worked with local Black creative leaders to be a founding ally in The Numberz – Portland’s Black Radio Station.

10,000 Tablets

In an era where everyone needs access to the Internet, many too many families lack that access. 59% of lower-income parents admit that a lack of Internet access would make their children unable to complete online schoolwork. The digital divide locks up creative potential. Jefferson worked with nonprofit leaders to launch “10,000 Tablets” – a startup effort to distribute smart tablets with free internet to thousands of qualifying families.